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No Home Movie

Auschwitz visit liberated from the camp this sad history because of severe crises in permanently visited several end of life of the living mother , liturgy on the house in Brussels spends closing last movie mother of Akerman ‘s eyes in front is laid in the presence of traces left in Art . How delicate a tenderness around her movie set , though, Akerman ‘s mother’s request would never be coming back down with sorrow to the memory leaves us exposed to continuous violence in the visit . This pain Cardio TIME sex in Akerman ‘s thematic universe , sex , cultural identity , we have the pain of existence it is instrumental to fill the loneliness of concepts such as gold . Fictional , this film Chantal Akerman formed between ‘ve Documentary Experimental film in the history of perhaps the most unique acts , we have brave He brings the effective work .

Chantal Akerman


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